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Jesús Marugán Lobón

Paleobiology at the UAM

I am associate Professor (Profesor Contratado Doctor LOU) at the Dptm. of Biology (UAM, Spain). As a paleobiologist, my interest in Macroevolution has brought me to tackle multiple facets of animal evolution, including the evolution of birds and the vertebrate transition to land, which I approach using digital and mathematical Shape Analytical Tools (Geometric and Traditional Morphometrics, among others). I have now ventured into developing new paths of research in deep-time to address the paleoecology, taphonomy and structural complexity of the amazing Las Hoyas fossil site, building a continuation of this amazing decades-long project. 

At The Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, I teach Paleo classes in the Degree of Biology at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. I also teach specialised courses in shape analysis (Geometric Morphometrics) and I am part of the new CIPb  and 3DLab at the UAM.

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